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Dear Dr. Saltzman,

I am concerned about someone that I recently met and was hoping for some advice on psychological disorders.

I met a man on an internet dating site about a month ago. He emailed me three times, then did not email me for a month. A few days ago he started emailing me again. He said that he had had three friends who had been suffering from depression and manic depression who he had been helping and that was why he could not write.

Then he asked me a question, "what would you say if I was to tell you that I am a marquis and an heir to a papal Dukedom? I am not saying I am--I am just asking."

This really sent up red flags to me. I dated a man who was bipolar and used to say he was in the mafia, and then turned out to be abusive.

Should I be concerned about such a question from someone who I have only emailed maybe 6 times total?



Do you really need an expert to answer this? I think you already know what to do: find a new guy to email.

Be well.

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