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Dear Dr. Robert,

You said in one of your ask the psychologist answers that you would not give specific advice about what to eat, but I have looked everywhere on the web for a site that would offer meal planning for a diet that would me help to lose weight and also would support good mental health as you mention on your web site and I have not been able to find any good advice like that, so I wonder if you would change your mind and give me at least a couple of recipes or suggested meals. I am a woman, 36 years old.

J.D., Kingston, Jamaica


Thank you for your letter. Yes, I will give a suggested diet for one day, just so that you can get the idea of how to approach losing weight safely or maintaining proper weight while at the same time eating foods that will support physical, mental, and emotional stability. If you will try this kind of diet for several weeks, I imagine that you will want to continue with it.


Super Antioxidant Smoothie

In a blender, put the following:

one whole grapefruit (pink grapefruit preferred if possible), peeled, and sliced in order to remove the seeds. Use as much of the white pulp from the inside of the skin and between the sections as possible since this contains valuable antioxidants.

one whole apple, core removed

some dark grapes

several pieces of one or more of the following:

cantaloupe, mango, papaya, watermelon, kiwifruit, etc.

one whole banana

2 or 3 tablespoons of ground flax seed

two or three walnuts or almonds

1 or 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder (unsweetened) if desired

enough water to aid blending.

Blend until smooth. Drink this, and eat nothing else until lunch.


Tuna Salad Sandwich

Prepare the tuna salad as follows:

to one 4 ounce can of water pack tuna, drained of liquid, add the following to taste:

chopped onion

chopped garlic

dill weed

lemon juice or apple cider vinegar

olive oil or avocado( plus a bit of mayonnaise for flavor if desired)

Mash the ingredients together and spread on toasted whole grain bread along with sliced tomato and lettuce.


Stir Fried Tofu

chop a package of firm tofu into small cubes

dice one whole onion

put the onion and tofu in a skillet along with sufficient olive oil, and begin heating on low heat, stirring occasionally, while chopping the following:

bell pepper (red or yellow preferred)





string beans


When the onion begins to appear translucent, add the other ingredients, and continue to cook, stirring frequently. Season with curry powder and tabasco sauce if desired.

If you drink alcohol, enjoy this meal along with a glass of wine. If you prefer not to drink alcohol, try some grape juice instead.


A piece of fruit, apple preferred, or popcorn, prepared as follows:

use a plain brown paper bag with a few small perforations. Add the corn to the bag, fold the top over two or three times, and microwave for around 2 minutes 45 seconds (this will vary depending on the quantity of corn and your microwave). Toss with garlic powder and a bit of olive oil to taste.

If losing weight is not your main goal, you might like to eat a small amount of dark chocolate as an evening snack.

If you like it, I suggest starting the day with the antioxidant smoothie every day, but the other meals should be varied. For example, you should consider eating some nonfat yoghurt two or three days a week since sufficient calcium in the diet is important for good health, and also aids in maintaining proper weight.

I offer these two recipes just as examples of how to use such healthy ingredients as olive oil, and brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

If losing weight is a goal, try to eat slowly, and stop before you feel full. Wait for twenty minutes or so, and if you still feel hungry, eat a bit more.

I hope that this will give you an idea of how to start.

Be well.

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