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Hello, Doctor--

I went to the doctor's office today, and as I walked in, I thought I saw a black man sitting in the chair closest to the door. Fox News was on the tv in the waiting area, and Barack Obama was on the screen. I brought a book, so I began reading. After a few minutes, I thought that some of the things they were saying may be offensive to blacks, so I looked to see if the man was still there near the door. However, there was no man, but a little white lady. I became scared because I was worried that I imagined the black guy was there. I really don't remember seeing the guy, as I was thinking pretty intensely about other things while I walked in. Does this sound typical of a hallucination? Anyway, I have really been struggling with anxiety (panic attacks and GAD) and feelings of depersonalization, and I was wondering if you think this might be the beginning of something like schizophrenia or some other disorder that causes psychosis.


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I am wondering if while you were reading the man you saw left and the lady entered. Is this possible? If not, you should be evaluated by a psychologist as soon as possible. If you need medication for psychotic symptoms, the earlier the better.

Be well.

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