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Hello, my name is Michele. I am 41 years old & live in Pennsylvania. I have a concern about my Grandmother. She is 82 years old & still lives by herself. She seems to still be mentally sane except for the fact that she thinks someone is living under her mobile home. My brother & Step-dad have checked this out several times for her & have found no signs of anyone being under there.We just cannot convince her otherwise. She is just about driving my Mom crazy with this problem. My Grandmother thinks she hears a radio playing or their cell phone ringing under her trailer. Grandma does wear a hearing aid in one ear.

What should we do? Is this the early stages of dementia? My Mom was thinking about talking to her Dr. about having a brain scan done. Please Help! Thanks, Michele

Hello Michele--

Your grandmother needs to be evaluated by a mental health professional. She may be suffering from dementia, as you suggested, or she may be delusional due to other factors. In any event, I can not diagnose her at a distance, and she does need a diagnosis so that she can be helped.

Be well,


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