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Dear Dr. Robert,

After typing the word "unfoldment" in google for a mere spell check, I came across your website and the most beautiful explanation of spiritual unfoldment. So simple, logical, and yet powerful.

I also noticed your mention of cocoa as a contributing factor in increasing the HDL cholesterol level in the blood. At that point I thought what fantastic synchronicity. First I receive the gift of learning how to align myself with my core center, which is what I needed to hear, through the wise words in the definition of spiritual unfoldment, and then I am told cocoa can actually help with my cholesterol which is also well timed, as I just came back from my doctor's office after discussing my high cholesterol levels:

Total chol. 7.7

Triglyceride 1.3

HDL 1.17

LDL 5.93

LDL/HDL Ratio 5.1

Chol/HDL ratio 6.6

Please forgive this lengthy post but I have a hunch that your outlook on this matter would be of immense value to me.

My doctor's view is that since my father had a history of high cholesterol and a cardiac arrest fist at 55 and then at 71 which also took his life, I am considered a "sitting duck" and there is nothing much I can do. She strongly suggested that I start taking chol. lowering tablets immediately for the rest of my life. I persisted in my belief that with a good exercise regime and a well planed diet I could lower my chol. I did not accept the tablets but I will be doing another blood test in 2 months time. The quality of my diet has been around average in the past and I did not exercise at all. I am 43 years of age, 5.8 tall, weigh 75 kilos and of Mediterranean origin (Cypriot). My job is sitting in front of a computer most of the time without much interaction with other people.

If you find the time I would love to hear from you in regards to whether I should stop wasting time and get on the chol. lowering tablets, or if there are other promising alternatives for lowering and stabilizing chol. levels even with my family history.

Yours Truly,

Evripides Evripidou

Dear Evripedes--

Thank you for your kind comments. I am glad to hear that my writing has been helpful to you.

There is absolutely no doubt at all that changing ones diet for the better, along with regular gentle exercise, can lower cholesterol levels significantly, as well as improving cardiac functioning, circulatory functioning, aerobic fitness, and strengthing all the bodily systems in general. I strongly advise you and everyone else to study my advice on diet which is based not on my personal opinion, but entirely on the latest and best medical studies, and begin to make whatever changes are necessary. In addition, the minimum exercise for an otherwise healthy middle-aged individual should be half an hour of sustained walking daily, and this walking should be done at a rapid enough pace to raise the pulse rate somewhat, but without straining. If you think that you do not have time for this, your life is out of balance--make time!

If you will implement the necessary dietary changes, and try to get some real exercise daily, I feel confident that your health and prognosis will improve significantly. By the way, the diet I recommend is the so-called "Mediterranean diet," which should not be too hard for a Cypriot to adopt--or at least the ingredients should be readily available.

However, a change in diet does not work overnight, so, in my opinion, you should follow the advice of your doctor and begin with the cholesterol lowering medication. But please do not depend on the medicine to keep you healthy (all drugs have unwanted side-effects, and medicine cannot compensate completely for a poor diet) and so fail to follow the important dietary and exercise regimen. After a few months of proper diet and exercise, see your doctor again, explain what you have been doing, and tell her that you would like to reduce or eliminate the medicine while she monitors you.

So that you will understand fully how powerful a change in diet (along with a little regular exercise) can be, let me tell you about a client of mine, also named Robert, who at age 70 had high cholesterol and high blood pressure, both being treated with medication. Robert took my advice about diet and exercise seriously, and began a program of proper nutrition plus a good walk every day. At his next medical appointment, the doctor told him that his blood pressure with the medication was now too low (!) so that he would have to stop taking the blood pressure medicine. His cholesterol profile also improved so much that he now is being weaned off that medicine too.

Thanks again for your appreciation of my work, and best of luck with your health.

Be well.

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