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Dear Dr. Robert,

It has become financially necessary to relocate from CA back to IN. I have a 17 year old daughter who will be a senior. She mopes a lot and cries at night right now. Will this move scar her, or will we be able to work through this?

Thank You,


Hello, Sheila--

It is difficult for your daughter to have to miss out on her senior year with her old friends and her comfortable, well-known environment. Suddenly she will be the new girl, and will have to form whatever friendships she can in the short time before graduation. However, if you must move due to financial pressures, your daughter's suffering is unavoidable.

All of us must suffer at times, but perhaps you can reduce her suffering and can help her get through this by explaining in detail why the move is necessary, and by showing her that you understand that this move will seem to her like a loss of something valuable--a special year in her life.

Feeling that one is being seen, heard, and understood does not take the pain away, but it can make the pain seem easier to bear.

Be well.

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