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I've been diagnosed with a highly unipolar sort of depression, moderate depression according to the insurance code currently in use. I'm also a recovering alcoholic and prone to fits of acute suicidality.

I own several firearms for recreational target shooting. The other week my therapist of seven months, who I am making good progress with, asked me to put some distance between myself and such an easy method of suicide by either selling the guns or not keeping any ammunition in my apartment. It wasn't presented as a demand of any sort, just a request from some I trust and look up to.

I have since given away the small stock of ammunition I had on me. This wasn't a problem for me since I live in a large city and am not concerned with keeping firearms for self-defense. However I was wondering if you would consider this some sort of boundary violation and why or why not?

Thank you


This is absolutely not a boundary violation. Your therapist was just doing his or her job (a large part of which is to try to keep you from suicide so that you can develop emotionally to the point of being able to find more meaning and joy in life), and, in my opinion, doing it very well.

Please share this letter, along with my congratulations for his or her good work and caring spirit with your therapist.

Be well.

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