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dear doctor,

you say the bible is a fairy tale but your wrong. the old testimate is mainly for jewish people when jesus came he basically

set the basis for everything that we need no longer did it matter what you

eat but what you bielieve in god.does your faith have an answer to

literally every social and economic problum mine does its found in the new want financial freedom ( give unto ceasor ( govnt) what is

ceasors and give to god what is god. 10 percent of what you make goes to

god as a tithe and offering is what you offer.the word of god comes to me

as i write many things plauge this world yet so many deny

him.another religon is allowed to wear their headressing but i am not

allowed to read and pray in school. becouse a few christians sin and even

people around you sin do not worry of thier sin worry of yours.Yes

sometimes christians sin we all do but it is to us to ask god to forgive

us and renew us and make us clean and for us to not sin again and learn

and not purposely sin.the bible says forgive 70x7. jesus died for our sin

he bled from his side he bled from his head ,his hands,his feet.he was

beatin in every place possibal.he was drenched in blood.horrifying.the

whip they used had tiny spears on it and piercied him with every whip .his

very skin came off .on top of that he was naked and ridiculed and made fun

of. and he had to carry the cross like that in those condition.the icon of

jesus sees him with clothing on the cross some layer of underwear well he

didnt even have that .He went through all this and died and went to heaven

for all the sin of the earth.

Angel Montaner

ask dr-robert


Your letter speaks for itself.

Be well.

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